Flexible and high-impact leadership and talent solutions for leaders and teams

Every business has its own challenges and our first step is to understand yours.

We can then bring our experience and insights from a diverse range of industries and organisations to your table.

Our leadership and talent solutions deliver measurable outcomes that will help you to engage and develop your leaders and grow your business.

Selecting High-Performing Leaders

When you’re appointing leaders into critical roles the stakes are high.

We routinely work with executives to inform and support this decision making process whether it’s hiring, promoting or moving leaders. Through a robust assessment process we generate in-depth insights that go beyond the norm and quantify the risks associated with placing individuals into a specific role and business.  Many of our clients won’t make a critical leadership appointment without us.

We work closely and have partnerships with selected executive search firms, but we remain independent and always represent our clients’ best interests.

The individual feedback participants receive from the process helps them to develop and, if appointed, how to succeed in the role. Their positive, developmental experience also enhances your employer brand.

Developing High Performing Leaders

The leadership development we design and deliver is high-impact, engaging and enduring.

We utilise a wide range of tools, techniques and approaches for different leadership populations, whether it’s individual executive coaching, working with small teams, or facilitating large-scale learning and development.

We’re supportive but challenging and always flexible.

Planning Succession

Robust and realistic succession plans are critical for the long-term success of your business.

We can support you to identify roles that are critical to your strategy, and the leaders who have the potential to succeed in them.

Whether it’s identifying one or more successors for a specific role in the short-term or building a long-term succession strategy and talent map, we can help.

Identifying & Developing Potential

You probably have a view of which of your leaders have the potential to succeed in bigger and more demanding leadership roles.

We can help you to validate this view and measure both the performance and potential of your future stars. Through robust assessment and 360 degree feedback, we can help your senior leaders to manage talent management risks and plan succession based on impartial and in-depth insights and data.

The process of identifying and measuring potential also enables individuals to increase their self-awareness, build practical action plans and focus their development to help them progress their careers.

Increasing Team Performance

By bringing leaders and teams together we can help them to challenge their assumptions, better understand themselves and each other, and increase their collaboration and performance.

We use team and personality diagnostics to create insights and robust but supportive challenge to get to the root of issues. Our flexible, pragmatic and down to earth delivery style ensures that we make an impact on everyone in the room, and that each participant leaves with valuable learning and a tangible action plan.

Solutions That Bring Benefits At Every Level


Increased self-awareness and understanding.

A clear view of strengths to capitalise on.

A deep understanding of development gaps and how to close them.

Clarity around progression and realistic career path options.


A deep understanding of individual personalities and styles within the team, and the dynamics this creates.

A view of gaps in team capability.

A culture of honesty, empathy and constructive feedback.

Better team cohesion leading to increased effectiveness and performance.


Effective talent management – the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Impartial, in-depth insight into people performance to manage critical decisions, spending and risk.

A clear view of who’s high-potential and how best to manage and develop them.

An understanding of succession risks and a clear plan for mitigating them.

A clear definition of what high-performance looks like in different roles and at different levels.

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